BMW Flex Disc - (LK=78mm/12mm)


This flex disc is the small 78mm with 12mm bolt holes. It is commonly found on non-M E36 and E46 vehicles with a manual transmission.

The Revshift flex disc frame is made from solid 75D polyurethane and utilizes high quality polyurethane bushings to maximize stiffness and strength while maintaining an appropriate amount of flex.

This is a high performance alternative to the oem flex disc. The oem rubber flex disc is known for failing under high loads and needing to be replaced on a regular basis. There is no longer a need to worry after you install a Revshift flex disc on your BMW.


- Solid 75D polyurethane frame

- 95A polyurethane bushings

- Replaces OEM part # 26111227410 (LK=78mm/12mm)

- Rebuildable using one of our flex disk rebuild kits
SKU: 10028

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