5 Stud conversion on the daily touring

While the daily touring has been off the road for the last few month due to an engine upgrade (more on this shortly). I decided it would be the perfect time to do the five stud conversion. Below I have composed a list of all the parts that were used for this process.

e36 M3 lower arms
e36 M3 hubs
SRS offset bushes (at the same time best to replace the inner and outer bushes)
E30 Alpha rally K Sport coil overs, with E36 struts
Brake pads

e36 TI rear trailing arms
Rev shift sub frame bushes
Rev Shift trailing arm bushes
(at the same time good idea to also check sway bar and sway bar bushes)

This is one of the ways that the conversion can be done. Fairly straight forward and easy process to do only took a few hours on Sunday morning.


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