E30 White touring


New website up. Where to start, still continuing the build of my white e30 touring turbo, have just been doing the feed lines to the turbo and drain line getting it ready.

E30 touring to start with

Was a factory 2.5 m20 run down and have been building on turbod setup for some time. How ever the temptations of having a wide body e30 touring also came as an idea and had to do it.

Turbo manifold

Having Sinco make a custom twin gate twin scroll manifold for this motor I knew I had to make some more changes to the build.
The motor consisting of a m52 crank, custom pistons and rods was a good start, further more head work to be carried out with a cat cam and Super tech Nitride Valve set BMW M20 and the list continues.

Still looking into what setup to run on the wasted spark side of things.


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