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M20 Daily Life

Over the last few months I have had my daily e30 Touring off the road due to an upgrade, which started from a customer wanting the motor that was in it. This worked out well for me as it gave me the opportunity to do what I've always wanted to with this car. Which was to have a daily monster. Below is a list of all the components that you would need to convert a M20B25 to a M20 stroked 2.9 Block: M52B28 crank skimmed Worsener pistons 84.5mm Molnar rods Glyco main bearings King racing bi...

May 20, 2017

5 Stud conversion on the daily touring

While the daily touring has been off the road for the last few month due to an engine upgrade (more on this shortly). I decided it would be the perfect time to do the five stud conversion. Below I have composed a list of all the parts that were used for this process. Front: e36 M3 lower arms e36 M3 hubs SRS offset bushes (at the same time best to replace the inner and outer bushes) E30 Alpha rally K Sport coil overs, with E36 struts Brake pads Rear: e36 TI rear trailing arms Rev shift ...

April 4, 2017


Purchased some inverted drift K SPORT coil overs hopefully will do the job well. Am keeping it 4x100 now to find some wheels to fit the guards. Followed by some K SPORT 330MM rotas and 6 pot brakes ...

March 2, 2017

E30 White touring

New website up. Where to start, still continuing the build of my white e30 touring turbo, have just been doing the feed lines to the turbo and drain line getting it ready....

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